When New Harry Potter Series Will Release? 

When New Harry Potter Series Will Release? Two decades have passed but our love for Harry Potter is still there. We are eagerly waiting for a sequel or at least a reboot series. Yes–we want nothing more than this. 

For sure, when it comes to Harry Potter, then there is a long list of rumors. But every rumor says a thing about the future of this magical franchise. We may not be getting new books and plays but there is a possibility that we will get a new live-action series. But this time it won’t be a film series, but a web TV series. 

When New Harry Potter Series Will Release? 

Let’s find out how New Harry Potter Series will be introduced and when we will get to watch it.

Harry Potter Sequel: Cursed Child Live-Action Series 

The very first possibility and every fan’s desire is that we get a Sequel to the Harry Potter film series. J.K Rowling has already given us a potential storyline for the sequel and that’s “The Cursed Child” play. 

If Warner Bros is planning to bring the cast and characters into action again then it will be best to adapt the play. Everything about the Cursed Child is beyond amazing. 

Not only there is loads of magic but a hell of time-traveling sequences also. If you haven’t read it or watched it on the stage, then you can’t imagine how adventurous it will be. Past, present, and future—everything will be changed more than once. 

Here are some quick spoilers – Harry ad Draco’s children will befriend. Harry will die. Lord Voldemort will win and rule. Snape will live. Cederic will become a death eater. 

We really want Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint along with other main cast members on the screen again. It will be a great experience for 90s kids who are now adults to watch their favorite characters who have also grown into adults and parents now. 

Even I can’t imagine the hype! Let’s hope that creators consider this idea and get started on this soon. If it happens, then we can expect to get a Harry Potter Sequel Series some time around 2025. 

Harry Potter Reboot: Drama Series With New Cast

There is another possibility that the Harry Potter series will get a remake or reboot. No previous cast members and completely new beginnings! 

Rebooting or remaking an entire franchise is not a new thing but are Potterheads really ready for this? For instance, Percy Jackson is recently rebooted with new “younger” cast members and new “twisted” storylines. But if the same happens to the Harry Potter series, what are the chances that we will like it? 

Everything about the previous cast, characters, and storylines was indeed perfect. But if we get a new cast then it will probably bring something more magical to the table. Plus, we are not sure whether the Harry Potter series will get a reboot (new storylines) or get a remake (previous storylines). 

Whatever the creators decide to do, we really hope that if Harry Potter is going to start from the beginning with new faces then it doesn’t get a reboot. It should be remade encompassing the same story, turns, and twists—but more detailed like the books. 

Even I am excited and looking forward to a web TV series that covers every single sequence and character presented in the books. Same story, different cast. 

Whether the story gets a sequel or a remake, we will have to wait for a while. Possibly a couple of years?

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