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Wednesday TV Series Review: A perfect presentation of horror and dark fantasy! 

Wednesday Season 1 director Tim Burton brought a suspenseful TV show casting Disney’s child actress, Jenna Ortega. Netflix released “Wednesday” is a spin-off of 1938’s “Addams Family” but with new characters and a storyline, with the frightened life of Wednesday Addams.

Wednesday Season 1 Storyline 

Wednesday is a student of the Nevermore Academy, a school where her parents has studied. She discovers mysteries happening around town and about her parents while playing with her newfound psychic powers.


This new academy is filled with supernatural students from werewolves to vampires and shapeshifters, so basically this place is for outcasts.Wednesday is a prominent student in the school.

Wednesday has a roommate in her school hostel named Enid.There is a policeman in the town whose son being outcast can transform into a creature and this creature is the enemy of people .Whoever comes into woods ,the creature kills them.

In this TV show, we see the hardships faced by Wednesday while she develops relationships, and makes friends and enemies while solving the mystery related to her parent’s death.

Wednesday Season 1 Review 

In the trailer alone we see that Jenna Ortega is perfect for the role of Wednesday because of the emotions she gives through her expressions.Over all makeup and costumes of the characters are according to their role.This tv series is for the audience who likes horror movies.The suspense remains throughout the episodes.

The tone and visual aesthetic of Wednesday are on spot, with Burton bringing his characteristic delight to the film as executive producer and director. Wednesday lives around a group of outcasts with magical abilities, all treated equally at the Nevermore Academy. Overall, the series was really good.

In comparison to the Addams family, they take a darker turn when Wednesday was expelled from her school and was sent to a place or school for all kinds of people. She starts encountering some strange things that were happening around her that weren’t happening before. She started encountering a creature that she crossed paths with several times which was killing people in the woods.

The show is much darker than expected. Some killings are happening in the school and Wednesday involves herself to solve these cases. So, she is all confused in the events going on in school. Wednesday’s relationship with her roommate was so funny because they are complete opposites so that was fun to watch.

The good friendship between Enid and Wednesday gives a positive message to the audience.In the last episodes of the tv series we see that When Enid fights with the creature to escape Nevermore Academy, Wednesday runs to rescue her friend’s life.

Visions also come to Wednesday that allow her to grow properly throughout the show.  Even though the storyline is all mixed up, for me it makes it more interesting and worth watching so this is a show that you should watch because of the amount of suspense that builds in with each episode.

Now there is a downfall to this as for some people, having too many plots for all the characters being mixed up can be confusing for the audience. So that’s something that could’ve been improved. Some stories weren’t viewed back so there wasn’t any follow-up on them, like when one of the sirens had this big plan for her daughter for something big. They had a few scenes regarding it, but we didn’t get a follow-up on it. So that’s one other thing that could’ve been paid attention to.

Moreover,the cast was perfect, mainly Jenna Ortega who just makes us watch the show. It’s like the character was built for her. Furthermore, the highlight of this entire show was the appearance of Christina Ricci, the actress that played Wednesday in The Addams Family movie, and it was interesting to see her in this show as a completely different character.

The visuals and the set design were also matched with the storyline. Another character that was related to Wednesday  was “Thing” . It was Wednesday’s friend.

Wednesday Season 2 News Update

Season 2 looks similar to season 1. The cast is the same in season 2 as in season 1 and I have seen Tyler, Enid , Wednesday and a policeman and his son in the season 2 trailer. I think that the policeman’s son who transforms into a creature will come back to kill people  again in woods in season 2 because season 1 ended on the summer vacations of students and the policeman’s son was taken by his father in a car.


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