Short Summary of Drama "Parizaad" And A Review

Parizaad is a novel written by Hashim Nadeem. Later, the same novel was presented in the form of a drama, which was liked by the audience. I think that whoever has seen this serial has learned a lot and whoever has not seen it has missed a lot.

Short Summary of  Drama "Parizaad" And A Review

The story of the drama Parizaad is a social story. All the characters of the play Paarizad show the injustice and irony of society. The main character of the play on whom this play is based is Parizad.

The Main Reason for Popularity 

The main reason for the popularity of Drama Parizad is that the story of Parizad is different from other stories. Moreover, in this play, many flaws of society have been brought to the fore. Not only this, but the important aspect of it is that a person is not elevated by his appearance but by his morals and character.

Keep reading my article to know all about Preezaad drama.

A Brief Summary of Prizaad’s Early Life

Parizad was the youngest among his siblings and was born into a poor family.

Early Life Of parizaad

Parizad was pale in color compared to his other siblings, due to which he was always the target of people’s jokes.

And what’s more, his mother named him Parizad. Which made it all the more ridiculous. Parizad’s parents died in his childhood and he was brought up by his sister and brothers.

Hard time for Parizaad

Parizad always heard people’s dislike for him, but he would bear it. But in this crowded world, his sister loved him very much. Moreover, he always suffered humiliation in his life. A small life taught him big lessons.

Early Life Of parizaad

Prizad was an intelligent and honest boy, and due to his intelligence, he was popular among his teachers.

Poetry was his favorite pastime and whenever he sat alone he would write some ghazal. In short, the hardships of his life taught him a lot.

“Behind Every Successful Man, There Is a Woman”

Women have played a very important role in the life of Parizad, The first woman was Saeeda It was his sister who referred to him to endure every irony of the times with a smile. And then made him smile and ignore everyone’s bitter words.

Short Summary of  Drama "Parizaad" And A Review

It was not that he was not sad, yes, he was sad but he could bear it. This was possible only because of his sister’s training. She was a very nice and pretty girl as well as the most educated.

The Second Woman 

Naheed was a girl from her neighborhood whose parents were very good and simple. Naheed was a beautiful girl and a BA student whose Urdu was weak.

Naheed’s mother knew that Parizad was doing his Masters in Urdu and asked Parizad to teach her daughter. She was a brilliant student but she wanted to study Urdu in Parizad.

Because she had heard that Parizad’s Urdu was very good. Then Parizad decided to teach Naheed.

Parizad Fall In Love First Time

And from here a new turn came in his life Parizad fell in love with Naheed. But he also knew that he would be rejected because of his pale complexion and so it happened.

Naheed liked someone else who was much better than Parizad in terms of looks and finances. Targeting Parizad, Naheed gets another boy and humiliates Parizad by accusing him of indecency.

Not only in the neighborhood, but also in the eyes of the family, but Parizad endured everything and did not spoil the name of Naheed. He did not reveal his secret. Love is only about money and good looks and he doesn’t have both.

The Third Woman

It was a girl disguised as a boy, the only child of her parents. Prizad’s friend lived in a rented house and the babli Badmash was the owner’s daughter. Parizad liked that girl because she wanted to live her life freely.

The babli liked Prizad’s talk and wanted to befriend him. Parizad befriended her with the intention that he might reform her but she wanted to live her own way. Parizad also liked her, but Babli’s parents were very worried about her.

Babli’s parents wanted to see her as a girl and marry her off. The result of their coercion was that she ran away from home, but Parizad wondered how she had become a girl and collided with the times.

The Fourth Woman

Lubna was a university fellow of Parizad who was influenced by Parizad’s poetry.

She asked Parizad to write a poem for a competition, which led to her winning the competition. And then Lubna became his admirer and Parizad also started liking her, but this too was only his complacency. This is exactly what happened. Lubna’s mother was a proud and greedy woman who sold her daughter for a huge amount of money. Indeed, she had seen the love for Lubna in Parizad’s eyes.

Words Of Lubna’s Mother

The words Lubna’s mother said to Parizad changed her life. He said that when you have money in your pocket, your personal shortcomings will become your style, then thousands of girls like Lubna will follow you and take away your share from this cruel world.

Lubna’s mother’s words changed his life and he left his home. And then he changed his mind and wanted to show off something.

The Fifth Woman

Parizad left his city and came to Karachi in search of work, while his friend took him with him to his owner’s factory.

Indeed, this is where his journey of ease from the difficulties of his life began. Yes, Seth Behrooz Karim is an important part of his life that changed his life. Parizad went to look for a job in the factory, but after seeing his mysterious personality, Behrooz Karim liked him. And then made him the personal bodyguard of his wife who was always with her.

Laila Saba didn’t like that swarthy boy at all but she tolerated it. Indeed, Parizad understood within a few days that Behrooz Karim hates deceitful people. And then it happened which put Parizad in trouble.

Cheating of Laila Saba

Yes, Laila Saba cheated Behrooz Karim and Parizad was also a witness. Behrooz Karim killed his wife. Parizad, being loyal to his master, took the blame on himself, but the police suspected Behrooz Karim because he was a don.

Short Summary of  Drama "Parizaad" And A Review

Parizad was locked up in jail but after some time the police found evidence against Behrooz Karim.

But Bahrouz Karim did not reach his hands, instead, he committed suicide. The police released Parizad after five years of imprisonment.

And then when Parizad came out of jail, he found out that he owns all the property of Behrooz Karim. Indeed, it was the reward of his honesty and loyalty that Seth Behrooz Karim gave him and it was the reward of his patience from Allah.

Short Summary of  Drama "Parizaad" And A Review

The hardships of life taught him today he got his reward and surely behind him were the women who came into his life. Women have played a very important role in the life of Parizad.

Love Without Any Color Complexion

Parizad had achieved everything that anyone could dream of, but he never considered himself the owner of it. Well, good days had come in his life, and the same people who despised him now walked behind him.

But Parizad did not show them any anger or displeasure but forgave them all. Thus, one day a girl came into his life who was a great admirer of his poetry, her name was Annie. She loved Parizad’s voice and Parizad also fell in love with her.

But when he found out that the girl was blind, Parizad asked her not to let her go because of her pale complexion. That girl was true then Parizad sent her abroad for eye treatment.

But when she returned, Parizad did not find her, she searched a lot, then her search ended in a hill area. Indeed, her love was true and she found Parizad and they started a beautiful life together.


Parizad’s life is a great lesson for people that people are not recognized by their color and appearance but by their character and morals.

Never consider anyone less than yourself because it is not too late to change the times.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the lesson of Parizaad drama?

Review: In "Parizaad", the central theme is the acceptance of love along with one's complexes.

Is Parizad based on a true story?

As a fan of Parizaad's journey from a simple factory worker to a successful businessman, Ali Mughal has taken on the challenge of dressing and speaking like the character. During his free time, Mughal enjoys making videos such as Parizaad and uploading them to social media, where he has gained a great deal of attention.

Does Parizaad get married?

As for the Parizaad ladies, Mashal Khan's Lubna delivered a strong dialogue delivery in her scenes, and her scene with Parizaad just before her wedding, left us in tears. We all enjoyed Ushna Shah's performance as Parizaad's first love Naheed and Saboor Aly's portrayal of Bubbly Badmash.

Is Parizad worth watching?

The acting of MOST's lead actor is outstanding, and Guru is a very engaging character. This is an excellent story. It is really great.

What is the meaning of Parizaad?

The meaning of the name Parizaad in Urdu is "خوبصورت". Parizaad's meaning in English is "Beautiful".

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