How to Light a Furnace | A Complete Step-by-Step Guide

How to Light a Furnace: If you go to turn on your furnace on a cold day and it doesn’t start then it’s not a big problem. You probably have an old furnace with a pilot light and it needs to be relit. Don’t take tension, this is not a dangerous problem and you do not need to spend money on calling a repair person. Therefore, in this article, we will tell you instructions about how to light a furnace in detail. So you will be warm in the winter again in no time.

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1) Checking and Preparing the Furnace 

  • Check the Power 

Before relighting the furnace, do some basic checks. Confirm that your furnace is connected to electric and gas sources. It is because your furnace is working properly and only the thermostat needs new batteries.

  • Find your Pilot Light and Check if it’s Gone Out 

The pilot light is a tiny burner that lights the larger furnace burners, and it is at the bottom of the furnace. If it is on, you will see a small flame. Check your pilot light might have gone out and will need to relight it to get the furnace working again.

  • Turn off the Furnace and Wait a Few Minutes for the Gas to Flow Thoroughly 

Find the switch near the bottom of your furnace which is normally called “pilot”, or” on and off” Once it is turned off, you have to wait for a few minutes so that all the gas flows thoroughly. Otherwise, it is dangerous to try and relight the pilot light.

  • If you can not find how to turn it off, check the instructions label on the furnace.
  • Don’t relight the pilot, if you can smell gas.

2) Relighting the Pilot 

  • Use the Ignition Button to Relight the Pilot Light If the Furnace has been Provided With One.

Check the instruction sticker on your furnace or the manual, if you can’t find the ignition button. The ignition button will have a small red button. While you press the electric ignition, also press the small button. Now the pilot light should turn on but keep holding the small button down for about a minute.

  • Relight the Pilot Light if it Does not Have an Electric Ignition 

Turn the switch to “Pilot” and hold down the reset button. With the help of a long lighter, bring a flame close to the pilot light opening. This is not very harmful but you should keep your distance. Once the pilot light is on and it’s burning you can release the reset button.

Necessary Cautions To Follow While Lighting The Furnace 

  • If you don’t have a long lighter, use a long match, but don’t use a regular-size lighter or match. Keep some distance from the flame.
  • Try to light the pilot two or three times.
  • Turn on your Furnace and Wait if it Works 

Cleaning the Pilot Light Opening

If the pilot light goes out, the pilot light opening might be stopped. To clean it, turn off the gas, wait for a few minutes, and then clean the opening with a wire.

If it’s still not working even after you have lit the pilot light, then something else is wrong with the furnace. You should contact someone who has expertise in furnaces.

Pro Tip 

Check your furnace properly in the fall. That way you have time to fix the problems before winter.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you light a fiery furnace?

In order to ignite the pilot light, turn the knob to "Pilot." Hold down the "Reset" button while bringing the flame of a long lighter close to the opening of the pilot light. The pilot light of the furnace should now be lit. As soon as you are certain that the pilot light is on, release your pressure on the reset button.

Where do I light my furnace?

In most furnaces, the pilot light is located near the front of the furnace, near the bottom. There is a possibility that it may be hidden behind a small access panel. On some furnaces, the pilot light can be seen through a small window at the front of the appliance. You may need to refer to your owner's manual if you are unable to locate the pilot light on your furnace.

Can you light a furnace with a lighter?

Regardless of the reason, a malfunctioning pilot light prevents the gas water heater or furnace from turning on. The process of relighting a pilot light is relatively straightforward. An all-purpose lighter with a long neck and a flashlight are all you need.
NOTE: Do not relight the pilot if you detect the smell of gas.

Why is my furnace not firing?

Firstly, make sure your furnace's filter is clean if it is not turning on. The presence of dirty filters can result in inadequate airflow and prevent the furnace from operating. Additionally, improper thermostat settings, a faulty pilot light, or a forgotten gas line connection can cause the appliance to not start.

How do you test a furnace?

As long as the ambient temperature does not drop below the set point, the furnace will not operate. During the test, temporarily set the thermostat five to ten degrees higher than usual to see if the furnace comes on, and then return it to normal afterward.

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