How to Give Your Baby up for Adoption

How to Give Your Baby up for Adoption: Adoption is not an easy task for parents. It may be for many reasons and it is like a challenge for parents to give their child up for adoption. There are 3 options that you can take for your child you cannot adopt or accept.

  • Adoption
  • Abortion
  • Parenting

However, humanity teaches us to take care of any human being. To waste any human or poor parenting is not good. If you cannot cherish your child then you should give your baby up for adoption. Adoption is the right way to save your child’s future. You can save his/he future and can give him/her a luxurious lifestyle by giving him/her in right hands.

How to Give Your Baby up for Adoption

If you are in trouble and looking for any solution to give your baby up for adoption then you are in the right place. Here, you can learn How to Give Your Baby up for Adoption.

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Steps On How to Give Your Baby up for Adoption

Here are some steps that can help you to give your baby up for adoption. By following these steps you can give your baby up for adoption or can make the right decision for your child’s future.

How to Give Your Baby up for Adoption

Step 1. Is my Decision Right?

First of all, you should check the situation and review all the options for your baby. The direct decision to the adoption of your baby could be dangerous. Research all of your options and then make the right decision for your baby. You should ask questions to yourself about the situation and your decision.

Step 2. Devise a Plan for Adoption

If you have decided to give your baby up for adoption then you should devise a plan for the adoption of your baby. You should consult an adoption professional who makes a plan for your baby’s adoption and he will help you to find the right family for your baby according to your demands, will also help your stay in the hospital and more.

Step 3. Search an Adoptive Parents

Finding a good adoptive family is not an easy task. After the consultation with the professional, you have to find an adoptive family for your child. Parents want a good adoptive family for the good development of their child.

All adoption centres which help you to find a good adoptive family try to make the birth mother fully satisfied that her child is in right place.

Step 4. Research on Adoptive Parents

Research on the background of an adoptive family is the most important step. You should know everything about the adoptive family. Adoption is changed in the last decades into a term we called “Open Adoption”.

It means that the birth family can remain in contact with the child. This contact includes sharing photos, texts, video calls and even visits. However, the openness level depends on what is good for the child. Moreover, adoption professionals believe that open adoption is a healthy way.

Step 5. Adoptive Family at Hospital

After the selection of the adoptive family, you will have to make the hospital plan with your advisor. Advisor will confirm from you whether you want any person from the adoptive family at the hospital or not.

You will confirm the involvement of the adoptive family in your hospital dealings like who will be with you at the time of birth from the adoptive family. or who would you like to change the diapers and feed your baby?

Step 6. Recovery After giving your baby up for adoption

As it is said that “separation is more painful than death” it is difficult for parents, especially mothers to forgive and move on after giving their baby up for adoption. After all, a mother endures a lot of pain at the time of birth of her child.

So, it is very difficult for a mother to recover mentally, emotionally and physically after giving her baby up for adoption. In this difficult situation, she needs counselling and motivation to recover fastly. You contact different counsellors for this purpose.


Give your baby up for adoption is not an easy task and it may be painful for parents. However, there may be some sort of problem of which solution it becomes your compulsion to give your baby up for adoption.

You should not need to become fearful because by following the above steps you can do this easily.

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